As the owner of your home, the last thing that you want is your roof leaking water. It is one of the common problems that homeowners have to face. The owners being unequipped to cope with the troubles of a leaking roof further escalates the damage done to the roof. People are either not familiar with the problems that can cause the leaks on roofs or they don’t have the perfect solution for the problem.  

There are many cases where the cause of the leaking roof is pretty small. However, in the other cases, there are pretty severe causes for roof leaks and the consequences are dire if left ignored for a longer duration of time.

That is why regular inspections of the roof should be a part of the roofing maintenance routine. It would be even better if you hire San Antonio Roofing Contractors to help you with the inspections.

Significance Of Roof Inspections

Having a thorough inspection of the roof is something that will always be warranted. After some natural climatic conditions such as storms, there are certain damages that are noticeable from the eye. So, whether the cause is small or large, having a thorough inspection can help in bringing out the pressing issue.

However, storms aren’t just the only issue that brings damages to the roof. In most cases, time is a factor that damages the roof. If not changed or repaired, the roof might just give away after a long time and have leaks. So, it is important for homeowners to always be vigilant.

So, what are these causes of leaks in the roof? Here are some of them mentioned below.

Slipped Slates/Tiles:

Are you familiar with slipped slates or tiles? If you are familiar with it then you must know that water can easily accumulate in a particular place where the slip is. This issue can also provide access to more and more rain during the bad weather. As time passes by, water that is accumulated will trickle down easily and can cause damage to the roof.


Another great cause for the leaks in the roof would have to be condensation and the presence of it. Insufficient ventilation and airing can cause condensation to occur in the roof’s underlay which will then trickle down onto the ceiling with time. The spaces in roofs always need to have proper ventilation so that there is no condensation at all.

Compromised Underlay:

Another common cause for leaks in the roof is compromised underlay. The compromised underlay is the roof part that is designed specifically to pass the water down to the gutter which is the function of the roof’s underlay. However, there might be some issues in the working process of the underlay which might then compromise the entire structure. Severe wind and rain can actually destroy the underlay and then the issue of leaks will start again.

Falling Extensions:

Does your roof have a lean-to extension for the home? Well, in that case, your chances of having a leaking roof might be higher. Now the question is how. Well, rainwater hitting the roof will pass through the lean-to extension. With that, there is an increase in pressure. It can cause tilting or compromise on the extensions.

So, these are some causes of roof leaks in several homes. To fix these issues, you can call roofers in San Antonio from Local San Antonio Roofing.