There are many folks out there today that are gravitating towards trying to go out of their way to make more energy efficient and eco friendly choices.  When it comes to residential roofing in San Antonio, the experts here at Local San Antonio Roofing are keeping up with the latest advancements and trends in the roofing industry and can provide you with the best advice out there.  Because of this, we have compiled a few shingles you may want to consider if you are thinking about eco-friendly options.

Residential Roofing San Antonio

Cool Roofs

These combine a mixture of white glue and gravel which helps reflect the sun’s rays.  The amount of heat that penetrates the home is much lower, which means less reliance on air conditioning and electricity.  They also last much longer than traditional roofs.

Slate Tiles

This is a stunning option that offers long life, fire resistance, and an overall eco-friendly design.  There are additional tile coatings that can be applied to help make slate roofing even more energy efficient.

Solar Roofing

An ever-increasing popular choice, solar roofing can be done as panels, or tiles that make up the roofing itself.  Solar panels absorb the suns rays and converts the energy into usable electricity.  When it comes to residential roofing in San Antonio, we have plenty of sunlight year-round, which is why this option has become especially prevalent in our area.

Metal Roofing

What a lot of people don’t know about metal roofing, is that it is evolving.  No longer do we have the simple metal roofs that we paint different colors.  Now we have options in recycled materials, and they can be made with reflective properties that bounce the sun’s rays away from the home.  Metal roofs also have a long-life expectancy and come in a wide variety of alloys and styles.

If you are needing a residential roofing expert to help you decide what is next for your home in San Antonio, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to help.  Feel free to browse our website for more information at or give us a call and schedule a free consultation.