In Texas, we have long summer months, followed by long and hot fall months, and our winters are rather short.  A question you may be asking yourself is how heat affects your roof, especially if you have a commercial building.  Whether it is summer or winter, UV rays are constantly bombarding the roof of your business, which can cause it to decay or age quickly.  While the UV radiation can damage the material on your roof over time, it can especially cause asphalt shingles to buckle and split.  In Texas, you may not even know that you have a problem until months later when it finally rains.  There are other ways that the San Antonio heat can affect your roof.  Please read on:

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Extreme heat breaks down roofing materials.

Darker roofing colors that aren’t shaded absorb higher temperatures, which accelerates the chemical processes.  This makes your roof and the other elements that are a part of your roof break down more quickly, including the tar paper.  At Local San Antonio Roofing, we recommend ensuring that your roof has a proper ventilation system, to prevent heat buildup in your commercial roof.

Temperature changes weaken the structural integrity.

When it comes to the later months of the year, when it gets very cold at night and very warm during the day, we have to worry about extreme temperature changes.  It can go from 30 degrees to 90 in a matter of hours.  This makes the construction materials in your commercial roof expand and contract.  This weakens the entire structural integrity of the roof over longer periods of time.  This is especially a problem for metal roofs, since the material can warp out of shape and cause gapping.

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