Most homes and offices in San Antonio use metal roofing to reduce noise pollution and for energy conservation. So, there is no doubt about the fact that metal roofs have been a very popular element for roofing over the past few years and even recently. When it comes to installation of San Antonio metal roofing, the process isn’t that difficult when you have Local San Antonio Roofing. You can always install it on your own but that involves risks, proper skills, adequate time and a lot of things. However, there are still few homeowners that choose to have professional services for metal roof installation In San Antonio. For those who consider the metal roof installation as a DIY project, here are some tips that would be a great help in the installation process.


  • Using Foam Batting Is Essential

One of the best materials that can be used for the metal roof installation is superior foam batting. It is completely different from the roll-up style which is normally used in the metal roof installation. The foam batting comes in the form of panels instead of fiberglass which is covered with paper. You need to use the foam on the interior and exterior sides of the roof sheathing. We, being the roofing experts recommend using it instead of spray insulation and roll-up styles because it is much easier to install and it lays completely flat under the metal roofing.


  • Lay Some Insulation on The Paper Liner

A very common mistake made by the DIY roof project workers is that they don’t apply any kind of paper wrap on the sheathing. It is vital to lay the paper wrap in order to protect the roof of your property. Otherwise, water could build up in the spaces that are left between the roof and the sheathing and accumulation of water can lead to mold growth. So, the paper liner is a must when you have to put something between the sheathing and the roof.


  • Installation Should Be Done With Staples

The quickest and by far the easiest way of installing the metal roof is to do it with one and a half inch staples. You can actually cover up a lot of sheets just within a few minutes and they will all be pretty secure as well. Another common benefit of using these staples is that these don’t really make large holes while they penetrate into the roof sheathing. So, the removal of these staples is pretty much easier than other options. In case you have any repair work in the future, it will be much easier to just pull them apart.


  • Leave Some Gaps Between The Panels

A word of advice for the workers: you need a breathable roof. So, having some channels or gaps between the metal roof panels is a must. This is in order to make sure that the air flow is intact between the panels. You don’t have to make gaps more than about 1/8 inches, but they should be present in order to keep the roof in a healthy condition.

These are some important tips for Metal Roof Installation in San Antonio. If all of this seems to be a lot of work for you, then you can hire the services of Local San Antonio Roofing for some extra help.