One of the most important investments you will make for your residential or commercial space will be the roof. It plays a pivotal role in protecting your family and belonging from adverse elements of nature. So when the time comes and trust us it will, there will be a repair or replacement needed. While regular maintenance you can delay the damage but here are a few steps to know when you need a new roof:


Despite using the most expensive roof material, wear and tear is an indispensable part of roofs. With time and adverse weather conditions, a roof will have leaks, need repair or even replacement. One way to know that beforehand is by keeping its age in check. Expert roofers agree that a good quality roof can last for about twenty to twenty- five years on an average, with regular maintenance. If your roof has kept you covered these long years, it may be time to bid goodbye and find a new roofer.

Buckling and shingles

The sign of bucklings and shingles curling means the roof needs a replacement. However, use expert advice before going ahead. With experts at Local San Antonio Roofing company available at your disposal even during emergencies, you need not worry. The curling occurs due to direct sunlight exposure and a replacement might be necessary even before the lifespan of your roof is over.


Water leakage and stains can be another sign of a roof replacement. Sometimes a single leak might actually be a huge internal crack. Using the advice from experts at the Local San Antonio metal roofing company can clarify whether the damage is repairable or not. Count on them to offer you an affordable quote for either of the services. You can also get a free estimate anytime you like!


If you are thinking moss doesn’t grow on roofs, you’re mistaken. If you have a leak, chances are there will be some moss growing on it soon. It grows in areas that don’t get much sunlight . Moss might add a nice aesthetic appeal to your roof, but they do more harm than good. It causes damage to the granules on top of the shingles and deteriorates its quality. A regular maintenance of the roof can help to brush the moss off, but there is no permanent solution for it. So you might need expert advice and use a roof that is more suited to the weather in your area.