If the cost for residential roofing repair services make you nervous, and you have been told that you might want to consider a new roof and compare the cost, you may be worried about what to expect from a roofing estimate.  Whether your estimate is for a roofing repair, or an entirely new roof, you can expect costs for the following:

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Labor costs in your residential roofing estimate:

These labor costs are usually broken down into parts.  These areas may include the removal of your old shingles, and the installation costs for new ones.  You can also inquire with your contractors whether a more detailed description of the labor costs will be.  Whomever you choose to use for your roofing repairs, or a new roof, make sure that it is someone that you trust, who owns an actual company that is run out of a place of business instead of just a truck.  You will want to make sure that if there are any problems with the installation, that your contractor is available for warranty repairs.

Material Costs:

Some roofers charge slightly higher than market price, this happens especially when a contracting company does more than just roofing or has only just recently moved into the area and they don’t have a firm grasp on material cost.  To prevent this make sure the quoted prices are closer to what these materials actually cost in the store, local companies that have a good reputation have a better grasp of the local price value of the materials you will need.

Other Costs:

There will always be other charges which can be included in your roofing estimate, these can include dumpster rental, removing debris, and transportation costs.  You should always feel comfortable asking your contractor to explain in detail any costs that you see on your estimate.  You also have time to get a second opinion, you shouldn’t feel forced into a quick decision.

If you find yourself needing a second opinion, then feel free to give us a call.  The experts at Local San Antonio would love to help you out, come visit our website at www.localsanantonioroofing.com or give us a call.