We know that the roof of your home is what protects all of the memories and love inside, and we have gone out of our way to make it our goal to provide you with a quality of sincerity and care that you’ve come to expect.  Since San Antonio is our home, we want to be the roofing experts that you go to for help.  We want to help you feel confident in your choice when it comes to your roofing needs here in San Antonio.  So, what do you need to know about a roof when you’re buying a home?

Hire Professional San Antonio Roofing Companies For Your Roof

Consider the age of the roof

If you are able to get a certificate from the previous owner that provides information about the previous roof replacement, that is great.  You may want to try to contact the roofing company to determine whether they are a legitimate company and are still in business.  If the previous owner doesn’t have information about the age of the roof, keep looking for these details:

Good Ventilation

Even a new roof can have a shoddy ventilation system.  Make sure you check to make sure that it covers most of the ridge of the roof.  Ventilation allows sunlight and air come into the attic, reducing heating and air conditioning bills, as well as reducing mold.

Breaks and Leaks

If possible, investigate the roof, drainage pipes, and gutters.  These items should be well maintained and if not kept in top condition can cause leaks.  If there are any shingles that are cracked or broken, you may want a professional to check it out before you purchase the home.

If you are investigating a new home, and need a second opinion, then feel free to give us a call.  The experts at Local San Antonio would love to help you out, come visit our website at https://localsanantonioroofing.com or give us a call.