If your San Antonio Roof needs an update, or you are purchasing a new home, you may be considering updating your look at the same time.  Are you wondering what the newest trends are and what is popular?  Staying up to date on these design trends can be fun and important, it can help your home build value as well as help improve the energy efficiency.  So what are the top trends?  Read on for more:

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Roofing material trends:

While a little more expensive, the long-lasting quality of metal roofs, especially in the San Antonio area, makes the investment well worth it.  With a metal roof, there is very little maintenance necessary, and they are very eco-friendly.  The second most popular roofing trend this year is asphalt shingles, which have remained a widespread material choice, besides being a dependable material, they also don’t easily succumb to damage, and are available in more style and color selections than ever before.

Contrasting color trends:

Lately one of the most interesting color trends are contrasting roofs.  No longer are our roofs meant to blend in or fade into the background of a home’s exterior design.  Today, homeowners are starting to use the color of their roofs as a statement by showcasing dynamic and opposing colors.  Attractive examples include dark roofs with light walls and visa versa.  Overall, some of the favorite colors of new homeowners are black, gray, silver, and copper or bronze.  These colors provide amazing contrast for many different types of houses with a variety of designs.

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